All the very best & much Success with your soon to be released new album 'A Burgeoning Consciousness' :) Love n blessings !
Always a pleasure to hear my friend in his element. I really appreciate your friendship and hope to be able to see you guys live sometime soon.
Noshir, remember me when your name is in lights at Carnegie Hall!
Hi There,

I manage a gig calendar for NYC jazz blues soul and funk live entertainment. I notice that you have an upcoming gig at the SOMETHIN' JAZZ CLUB  and am wondering if I can include any image, gig summary or further details on the gig listing -

If you have any questions - feel free to contact me.


Tristan Waley
Hey Noshir
Small world, great to see you guys,
awesome music

here is my capo clip video was talking about

Take care
I jsut stumbled upon Noshir Mody while listening to jango. WOW! Love the music!
Am studying for an exam , took a break, listened to your music. Awesomeness, man. Hey I tried to get your music here in India but can't seem to find any place in Pune that stocks your cds. Can you make it available on something like flipkart?
Hey Noshir,
Your music is really inspiring apart from being so technically complex...been listening to your music on Jango and am looking forward to your gigs in Pune/Mumbai. Hope to see you perform live...and * thank you * for the music.
Hey Noshir,

Keep me posted on upcoming gigs and congrats again on your marriage.

Wishing you and your Mrs. lots of love, laughter, and happiness!

beautiful composition in your website! thanks for the credit, thanks for using the picture. wish you all the love from the world that your music deserves!
Heyyyyy Nosh, we are totally kicked with all the gr8 news !!!
Wow OML is a fantastic way to get lotsa exposure for your music ...... remember to mention ME in your acceptances speeches bro as I was the one who put up with the first messy sounds of you learning the gat ( heehee well mom too ) ;-)))
Also loved the Vents Mag interview, very informative & interesting.
Good going Nosh we are all so very proud of you !!
Totally loved your music & interview on the Greta Pope show on WRHC tonight.
Way to go Nosh !!! :-)
Great music Noshir!
Hi Noshir, Its Luz- Carols freind, just a little note to tell you that I really enjoyed your music Saturday you guys were awesome!!
Hey Nosh, I just heard your tracks here. Really liked the fireflies one! Keep playing and your music alive . Cheers~!
Good stuff man I am very impressed. You bring a mixture of melodic tones with your own jazzy expressions which I think is unique. I must say you have shown the Genre respect.
Noshir, AWESOME!! I am so proud of you. Can't wait to get my hot little hands on the CD! ROCK!!!
You should definately get these tracks to an independent film director, such soundtrack material :' ) Thats awesome... !!!!

Keep em' comin' :-)


Thanks for sharing this with me! If anyone needs to relax they really need to listen to your music...I felt so at peace after just one song....much success to you!
Way to go Nosh! Atleast one member of "Indiana" made their dream come true! I heard all the tracks from your "Listen" section after a rough day at work, really soothing! Great stuff and all the best for many more albums to come.
Hey Nosh,

Way to go man! Please let me know when the album is available in India. Will definately pick up a copy
What a great cd and website! You are an exceptional guitarist and composer. Your music is extraordinary!, it has a very heartfelt, peaceful and moving quality that I inspires thoughtful conversations\debate or deep introspective reflection. I look forward to your future releases and seeing you playing at one of our local venues soon.... till than... **** Rock On **** = ) hugs -me
Heyyy Nosh, your site is really very wonderful !!
Your music has such an etherial quality so as to bring Peace & an Inner Happiness to all who hear it.
Loved the pics gallery & looking forward to seeing lotsa more pics from all the totally rocking live gigs ;-)
May the Grace of God Bless your music always !!!
Love & BIG Hugs,
Mom & Sis
I think you have a fabulous website and you are extremely talented. I also think you're really handsome. Gotta girlfriend??????